Bike Riding App for iOS

What's special

On-demand riding service

There are lots of bike renting services around, but they are mostly subscription based services. But what if I need a bike right now and only for once? that's where Skyride comes to play.

Skyride takes advantage of a technology used in a Smart bike lock allows for bikeshare to be deployed in cities worldwide. The lock:

  • Discrete
  • Transmit / Receive
  • Never needs recharging (solar recharging)
  • Constantly distributed
  • Full range antenna

From my discussion with my client, I realized that the challenge was to make a slick user-flow that get the users to unlocking a bike in a few taps and a few seconds. Yet maintaining the business goals and users expectations.

After some research about the industry and the users behaviors. I started drafting some sketches and and wireframes using Illustrator. Like displayed below:


Now it's time for the exciting part, bringing ideas into high-fidelity mockups. To adress this stage I've used several tools to come up with the solutions.

I started with Photoshop and InvisionApp to make interactive prototoypes and so my client sees what the upcoming product is feeling like.

Bilal was able to create our design and wireframing very well. He has very strong design skills and we would highly recommend him. -